Vision and Learning

Whether your child is struggling with reading, not achieving to their potential, or has other visual complaints, we hope that you will find what you're searching for on our site.

Vision problems affect one out of every four children and 60% of children who struggle with reading. Does homework take forever? Does your child have difficulty paying attention or staying on task?

The visual demands and our children require more than just being able to see a certain size letter on the eye chart from a distance of 20 feet "20/20". In fact, 80% of learning depends upon good vision and seeing "20/20" is just one of over 15 visual skills required for academic performance. So it is important that parents understand the signs and symptoms of vision problems that interfere with learning. Often we find children who are struggling with vision problems, their parents ask, "why didn't they tell me?" and often the response of the child is, "you never asked."

Ask your child, when reading or doing close work:

  • Do your eyes feel tired?
  • Do your eyes feel uncomfortable?
  • Do you have headaches?
  • Do you feel sleepy?
  • Do you lose concentration?
  • Do you have trouble remembering what you read?
  • Do you have double vision?
  • Do you see the words move, jump, swim or appear to float on the page?
  • Do you feel like you read slowly?
  • Do your eyes ever hurt?
  • Do your eyes ever feel sore?
  • Do you feel a pulling sensation run your eyes?
  • Do you notice the words blurring or coming in and out of focus?
  • Do you lose your place?
  • Do you have to reread the same line of words?

In addition, does your child:

  • Frequently have bloodshot eyes?
  • Frequently rubbed his or her eyes?
  • Blink frequently?
  • Hold his or her head close to paper when reading or writing?
  • Tilt his head when reading or writing?
  • Move his or her head when reading?
  • Confuse letters or words?
  • Reversed letters, words or numbers?
  • Skip, re-read, or omit words?
  • Localize when reading silently?
  • Read slowly?
  • Use a finger as a marker when reading?
  • Have poor reading comprehension?
  • Write or print poorly?
  • Tire easily?
  • Avoid mere tasks?
  • Have a short attention span?
  • Have poor motor coodination?
  • Have difficulty hitting or catching a ball?

Any of the above symptoms are a sign that your child may have a vision problem and needs a developmental vision evaluation to determine the depth of the problem. All of our doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating vision problems that interfere with reading and learning.

We are dedicated to making sure that all the children in the low country and surrounding areas have all the visual skills required for reading and learning. If your child is having any difficulty with reading or just not performing to potential, please schedule an appointment today.