In the digital age, our day-to-day lives are dominated by electronics. Whether you’re checking your phone in the morning, sending emails on your laptop or watching TV to wind down at the end of the day, our eyes stare at screens for hours on end. Although many aspects of our lives have become faster and more reliable because of our devices, our eyes pay the price for this convenience. If you have noticed that prolonged screen time has increased the number of headaches, neck pain, eye strain and other symptoms on a daily basis, your eyes may already be experiencing the negative side effects of living in the digital age. These may be signs of eye misalignment, which Neurolenses are here to fix.


What is eye misalignment?

Because we have two eyes that see two different images, our brain is constantly mending them together into one blended image. When our eyes are misaligned, the communication between the brain and the eyes doesn’t occur seamlessly, forcing the brain to work overtime to manually combine the two images into one. This action consistently stimulates the Trigeminal Nerve, often causing symptoms of Trigeminal Dysphoria, which can be a sign of eye misalignment. Trigeminal Dysphoria symptoms like headaches, dry eye and eye strain are triggered by the consistent use of smartphones, laptops, televisions and other devices. This does not mean that you have to give up using your phone, laptop or other devices; Neurolens is here to alleviate these symptoms through their one-of-a-kind contoured prism lenses.


How Neurolens can help

Wearing normal eyeglasses can certainly negate mild cases of eye strain, headaches and other symptoms that are commonly associated with Trigeminal Dysphoria. How can you tell if you are suffering from a common digital eye strain or an eye misalignment? This is where Neurolens technology stands out from the rest.

Unlike regular eyeglasses, the state-of-the-art Neurolenses available at Draisin Vision Group are customized to fit each patient’s need to correct their eye misalignment. To combat eye misalignment, each lens is fitted with a contoured prism that will abet the symptoms of eye misalignment, compared to regular lenses that have a standard prism that only addresses misalignment at one distance. These lenses can abet the symptoms of Trigeminal Dysphoria and keep you productive throughout the day.


How can I get started?

By taking a quick test on the Neurolens Measurement Device, your eye care provider at Draisin Vision Group will be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose you with eye misalignment. It measures pupil distance and eye movement by creating a cutting-edge and immersive visual experience for every patient who uses this device. This cutting-edge tracking system allows your eye doctor to identify the smallest and most minuscule cases of eye misalignment– as small as 0.01 Prism Diopters.

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