I first started having trouble reading when I was in the third grade. By the time I was in 7th, my reading troubles really began to affect my grades. I was having trouble focusing in class and making C’s and D’s in school.  I originally went to the Draisin Vision Group for a routine eye exam, and at the suggestion of Dr. Draisin, I began Vision Therapy. Vision Therapy really helped me learn to focus in school and I began noticing improvements very quickly.  I played baseball and could never focus on the ball to get a hit, and after Vision Therapy, I noticed and real improvement in my hitting. The C’s and D’s I had been making in school soon became A’s and B’s. Dr. Draisin and his staff helped in everything I did during my 6 months of therapy. It was really rewarding experience and also helped in boosting my self-esteem.  I’m 18 now and just graduated from Palmetto Academy, where I was Valedictorian of my class. I received many grants and scholarships and am attending Belmont Abby College this fall. I plan to be a history major and hope to be a historian or an archaeologist.

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