When Morgan was in 2nd grade, I started noticing that she was not progressing as well in reading and math as her twin brother. She was not developing fluency and she would stumble over easy sight words. Her teacher made comments such as, “Morgan is much smarter than she is able to show on paper.” Letter and number reversals that have usually disappeared by this pint in 2nd grade were appearing often in Morgan’s writing. Easy math did not make sense, therefore Morgan became very frustrated.  We had several visits to our regular eye doctor only to hear that Morgan’s vision did not require glasses. I insisted on further testing due to the fact that Morgan was turning one eye out. We came to Draisin Vision Center in June and learned that Morgan has convergence insufficiency. She started eye therapy in July and by the time school started in August, Morgan was reading much more fluently and her self-confidence had greatly improved. Math seemed to come easier and homework was not such a chore. She actually enjoys it!  As we near the end of 3rd grade, Morgan is reading at a 4th grade level. She enjoys reading for pleasure. She does well on all the timed multiplication tests and says math is fun. Cursive handwriting was a skill that she developed with ease.  Vision Therapy has greatly helped Morgan with academics, self-esteem and even in sports. Without Vision Therapy, I feel sure Morgan would be very frustrated in school and not the happy 3rd grader that everyone wants to have as their friend.

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