Before Vision Therapy, after a period of reading for a time, it would be difficult focusing at any distance.  It didn’t matter where I looked, near or far. Since this began years ago, it had gotten worse over the years, requiring less reading time to cause the problem and taking longer for my vision to return to normal.  I often had double vision and blurring, too.  When you love to read, this creates problems.  Earlier this year, it might have taken my eyes 30 minutes or more to focus clearly.  As you can imagine, this not only took the joy out of reading, it caused difficulty with many other activities.  Driving was one area that really mattered.  If I wanted to read and knew I had to drive later on, I had to stop reading at least 30 minutes before time to drive the car.  Or I could just not read at all.  I am so very grateful to Dr. Draisin was able to diagnose my problem so quickly.  I won’t be seeing anyone else for my vision care.  The other doctors knew something was wrong yet had no idea what the problem could be.  I was even labeled as having a “lazy eye.”  Dr. Draisin said I had Convergence Insufficiency and he knew what needed to be done to fix the problem.  Now, after almost 40 sessions and practicing lots of different exercises at home, I can read better, for longer periods of time and not have the blurring and focusing problems like before.  Vision Therapy has given me the skills to make a change in my life and with continued exercises at home; I hope to be able to maintain the ability to keep on reading and seeing the world around me clear and in focus.  Vision Therapy works!  It works for people of all ages and different backgrounds.  I have enjoyed my therapy and am glad to have been able to make these changes without surgery or drugs. Thank you Diann, Barb and Elaine for caring so much!

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