Mark has always been a super smart boy, but when it came to reading he would struggle.  He would move his head when he read, skip, reread, or omit words, used his finger as a marker and had poor handwriting.  In addition, he would often get headaches.       During the first four years of school (from ages 6-10) Mark and his parents visited the eye doctor several times.  They were convinced that there was something “not quite right” with his eyes.  Each eye doctor visit had a different result, none of which helped.  Finally, after a couple of years of constant visits, they got lucky.  A new eye doctor moved to the island (they lived in Sicily, Italy at the time, dad was in the Navy). This doctor was pretty fresh. He listened a little closer and looked a little deeper.  He suggested that Mark may have something called convergence insufficiency, and that he would need to go to a specialist.  When we arrived in the Charleston area, the second thing on our “to do list” (the first being moving in to our home) was to find a good eye specialist. The Draisin Vision Group came highly recommended.  Dr. Draisin was very kind and gentle. He made Mark feel comfortable.  He listened to what we had to say.  He examined Mark’s eyes, then sent him on his way….feeling quite confident that he was a perfect kid!  Dr. Draisin took his parents aside and explained what he had found.  Allowing them to ask questions and get more information without Mark feeling bad or worrying about anything.  Indeed, Mark did have convergence insufficiency which meant he had problems with words appearing double and blurred when he tried to read-no wonder reading was such a struggle! Dr. Draisin prescribed a program of vision therapy which they started right away.  This is what mom had to share after they completed the vision therapy program:   Less than a month after starting vision therapy the Wednesday folders came home. Mark’s dad pulled out a paper. A big old 100 was on that page!  His ability to understand increased, his work ethic improved, his writing got better…not only in neatness, but also in detail, his general attitude and demeanor became more calm and pleasant, his sports ability improved. Mark is now one of the top two in his class for AR points (accelerated reading program).  If you happen to catch him between assignments at school, you’ll see him reading a book under his desk.  If you ever see him with a little bit of free time, and no book is present, you can bet he is working on writing a story in his folder.  He brings home lots of 100%’s these days, and he falls asleep almost every night with a book in his hand.”

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