Luke has attended Vision Therapy for nine months. The therapy sessions have taken place while Luke has attended school full time. He was diagnosed in August with dysfunction in all areas of visual processing. His performance at the beginning of the school year required constant diligence on the part of his teachers, but mostly himself. His Terra-Nova (Scholastic Aptitude Test Scores) results from 2nd grade placed him in the 19th percentile in overall scholastic aptitude. After much hard work and vision therapy, Luke’s overall Terra-Nova test results for 3rd grade improved by 40 percentile points, placing him in the 59th percentile after 6 months of Vision Therapy.  He is at grade level in all areas of academics. His visual memory has improved substantially. He is now able to track a target without losing it and his ability to stay focused on an object is evidenced by his ability to read and study for longer periods of time. We are pleased by these results and are so grateful for the intervention and Vision Therapy provided by Dr. Draisin’s professional staff. The entire process has been an answer to our prayers.

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