My child participated in the vision therapy program designed for her after we realized she was not making the reading progress expected for a first grader and her spelling skills were practically non-existent. As an elementary school teacher, I knew that she had developed all the prerequisite reading skills, was verbally proficient and a good listener. Her mistakes on her schoolwork appeared at first to be a result of not paying attention or not following directions. However, these mistakes appeared over and over again and seemed to have certain patterns to them. After attempting some of the interventions that I use as a learning disabilities teacher, I decided to have her screened by Dr. Draisin. I had recommended his program to many of my students over the years. While my child’s problems were not extreme, they were definitely impacting her success at school and her feelings about herself and reading.  A six month plan was developed and we began our twice a week journey from Mount Pleasant to West Ashley for VT. While she sometimes complained about having to go, she was always happy once she got there and enjoyed working with the therapist one on one. It was evident how much each therapist cared for their patients.  Now, she is a very happy second grader, reading instructionally on grade level and reading for pleasure above that, writing stories and enjoying her schoolwork. No longer do we have to sit with her and go over and over the same work. She is very confident with her ability to do the work asked of her and doesn’t hesitate to try new tasks. Many of these changes began within a month of starting therapy. No other interventions have been done except what Dr. Draisin office is recommended. I am confident that his program is responsible for unlocking the visual skills that she had not yet developed for one reason or another. We are forever grateful for Vision Therapy, all the therapists and Dr. Draisin.

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