My happy-go-lucky son John changed almost overnight. First grade was hard, as it is for many children when they transition from kindergarten. Yet, there was something very different about it for John. He was irritable and had low self-esteem. His grades were poor. The first nine weeks we saw no improvement in John’s reading level. How strange for a child whose nose had always been in a book just like his grandfather.  My mom, a retired kindergarten teacher, suggested, “Maybe when he reads, words are swimming across the page.” We had his eyes tested and oddly enough, he was 20/20. Mom found an advertisement for Dr. Draisin on the internet. “This place sounds like they could help.”  And help they did! When we saw Dr. Draisin, he explained that John had trouble with eye movements, teaming, focusing and convergence insufficiency. What a relief! We could start going for regular vision therapy with Diann and the therapists. They, like Dr. Draisin, are knowledgeable and helpful. John’s difficulties with sports, 3D movies, handwriting, and of course reading were starting to fall into place like a puzzle.  Mondays and Wednesdays became vision therapy nights. Eye exercises fell on the remaining days. At first it was a bit overwhelming but it became routine and everyone looked forward to our bi-weekly visits. I got lots of work done in the office while John did fun, effective therapy. His favorite exercises are tootie in the net, the rotator, the television, and the 3D computer. Dr. Draisin, Ms. Diann and the staff were always there for us when we had concerns and even a personal matter. Through faithful therapy at home and at the office, John made progress in “steps” as Ms. Diann describes it. His reading level and handwriting improved. We really saw progress around the six month mark like the vision therapy ladies told us to expect. This summer he had so many experiences that were possible because of the therapy. He learned to ride a bike without training wheels, and learned to swim. He wrote about his improvements in a book named “My Seventh Summer.” John’s grades went from C’s and D’s to straight A’s! He has increased confidence. He will be doing a task and we’ll realize “He can do that now because of vision therapy!” The shirt we got from Dr. Draisin sums it up best – vision therapy changes lives.

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