We have twin boys Jackson and James that are now eleven. During the spring of the second grade we noticed James had trouble reading from the board and writing. We took him to our eye doctor and he was given a vision test. His vision was fine. Our eye doctor suggested we take him to Dr. Draisin for an evaluation based on the problems at school. My wife and I watched the test being administered and were amazed at the findings. It was determined that James was having trouble focusing on words on a single line and “words were moving on the pages”. We enrolled James in vision therapy and started on a weekly program to train his eyes and brain to work together. At times James was not excited about going but we all noticed steady improvements in his grades and work. By the end of the third grade we were all very pleased with the results and his progress. He is now in the gifted and talented program, reading three levels above his grade, performing at an advanced level on the PACT test and a regular member of the honor roll at his school. We are very pleased with the services Dr. Draisin and his staff provides and thank him for helping us make learning fun and schoolwork much easier than before. There were those that told us vision therapy was not worth the price but in my opinion it was the best money we have invested in our son and his future. Thank you for all you have done for our family.

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