Our son, James, loved to read and had a great vocabulary. But he began to fall behind in comprehension as the amount of required reading increased, the print got smaller, and the pictures fewer. He also had great difficulty with fine motor skills. Because handwriting was so hard, he had used a computer for his written school work since the fourth grade. But his progress on the computer came to a halt because he would lose his place so often while looking from the paper to the computer screen.  Math was very frustrating because of his fine motor skills and hand writing difficulty. The problems had to be copied from the book. This was an excruciatingly slow process because of all the looking back and forth from the book to the paper and then the dreaded writing. All his energy went into lining up the numbers and he had no energy left for thinking about the concepts required to solve the problem.  Dr. Draisin recommended vision therapy to help James with his focusing ability, eye movement control, eye teaming, and eye-hand coordination skills. James went to therapy twice weekly for nine months. After each session he was worn out, saying it was very hard work. But he was always ready for the next session because of the encouraging attitudes of the therapists and the creative and fun ways they designed the therapy exercises.  After the therapy, his reading comprehension errors decreased by 200% and his reading speed increased by 40%. His handwriting began to show improvement almost immediately and these improvements have lasted. He can copy math problems and correctly line up the numbers. This frees him to put more energy into thinking about the math concepts and working the steps of the problem. In addition, his computer work is much smoother. He is able to look at the questions in the book and then type his answer on the computer in about one quarter of the time it use to take him. Most importantly, he is so comfortable on the computer that he enjoys spending time each day on his own creative writing hobby.      There is no doubt that Dr. Draisin’s evaluation and Diann’s skill in designing an individualized vision therapy program has made a big difference in James’ life. We are very grateful to everyone at Draisin Vision and proud of all the hard work James has done.

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