Beth and I appreciate deeply what you and your staff have been able to for our son, Jake.  The progress he has made in almost all areas of school, athletics and social skills has been remarkable since beginning vision therapy.  Jake was in K-4 and just was not picking up the skills being taught.  We could not understand this because Jake is a very bright child and is articulate with obviously excellent problem solving skills.  His teacher called us in and said Jake was very fidgety and was not paying attention in class.  He was in a class with nine boys and three girls.  All the boys were as active as Jake and the teacher had a difficult time keeping them focused.  We could not key in on a specific problem nor could his teacher.  Jake had passed all the standard developmental tests done in the pediatrician’s office every visit.  Beth is a nurse practitioner specializing in pediatrics so we both felt comfortable at the time there were no underlying problems.  I am very involved with Jake coaching his baseball team and playing other sports with him often.  He was about average in athletic ability but really excelled at hitting a baseball off a tee, thrown by hand and even from a pitching machine.  Just like others his age, I thought the hand eye coordination would improve later.  Into the school year we were noticing a distinct change in Jake’s basic nature.   He had always been outgoing, self-confident and at the forefront of any group of kids into which he was introduced.  He had made friends easily up to this point.  He began to stay back by himself on the playground and complain occasionally he was being “picked on”.  When asked, he finally said the others don’t play with me because I am not smart like they are.  This broke our hearts to see him so down and made us realize something had to be done.  We had his vision tested about ¼ the way into the school year and found he was severely far-sighted.  He was prescribed glasses and we thought this would be the solution for his school problems.  We were worried he would fight wearing the glasses but these fears were unfounded.  When he put the glasses on for the first time he was amazed at how well he could see.  We actually even had trouble getting him to take them off for bed at night. After wearing the glasses for a time, he still was turning his head in all sorts of strange positions and fidgeting when doing any close work.  In other words he just was not staying on the task at hand and had a very short attention span.  The teacher called us for a conference again and seemed to think Jake was ADHD and needed testing.   Beth and I began to do research on the effects of different vision disabilities.  I had read about some of the visual acuity training therapies being done for sports and for those with impaired visual development.  That is when we found your clinic by doing an internet search for specialists in our area.  We came to you for testing and evaluation and were very hopeful that this may be what Jake needed.  The tests showed Jake was at a visual development of about three years of age and he was now six.  This had come about due to his not being able to see very well in those early years.  Looking back there were clues that we missed.  All his early drawings were very abstract and not really defined.  He also sat very close to the TV and we had to keep scooting him back.  So many other things led us to believe he had no problems such as his uncanny ability to hit a pitched baseball.  He also passed all standard developmental tests at the proper age according to his pediatrician.  We began the nine month intense visual therapy program as prescribed in your program and Jake began to make progress.  It was not easy at times trying to keep Jake focused but the longer we stayed with the program the easier it became.  Your staff was extremely caring and built a bond with our son which really enhanced the therapy results. The self-confidence Jake began to build just because he could now do his school work was amazing.  Every week showed significant progress.  We are now in the home therapy stage with occasional appointments at the clinic to monitor progress.  He is still improving monthly.  Jake is now more than ready for his next grade in school.  He is at the top of his class and reading simple books.  His report card is better than it has ever been.  His hand eye coordination is astounding.  He trains in taekwondo martial arts and your program has given him balance he never had before.  His baseball skills have also improved.  His social skills are back where they were before and he again makes friends easily.  His teacher from last year saw the change immediately when she saw Jake on the playground.  She commented how Jake is one of the leaders in whatever is going on and no longer hangs back just watching.  His new self-confidence has given him the courage to try different things for the first time with no fear.  I know this letter is rather long but, I wanted you to know how we found your clinic and just how much Beth and I deeply appreciate the results of all this hard work.   If either of us can be a help to you in any way please let us know.  We would be more than happy to relate our experiences to anyone.

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