When my daughter, at 7 years old, started complaining of seeing double and fuzzy, I took her to have an eye exam thinking glasses will fix this issue.  At the exam, it was discovered the Isabel had strabismus and convergence insufficiency, meaning her eyes did not work together in harmony.  Yes, the glasses would help with seeing fuzzy, but the double vision was a different matter- her eyes would have to be taught to work together so that she does not see double anymore.  The eye doctor recommended vision therapy at DVG.  Isabel would need 6-8 months of vision therapy two times per week in order to correct her double vision.  As I had never heard of vision therapy, I spent some time reading about it.  I learned that eye coordination issues do not correct on their own and the eyes have to be “exercised” in order to learn proper coordination.  At first I was nervous, and even skeptical- it would take a lot of time, vision therapy is expensive- but as my daughter’s wellbeing is most important, I decided to proceed as the eye doctor recommended.  Up to recently, Isabel was a very jittery child. She was constantly moving around and could not stay still.  Until I talked with Diann, I did not realize that this could be related to Isabel’s eyes not coordinating- when a child cannot see properly, the brain is working really hard to make sense of what it sees and the child can be jittery, have a hard time concentrating and have behavioral issues.  In our first meeting, Isabel was jumping around quite a bit, and I remember us setting vision therapy goals together, not just about seeing double, but about behavior as well.  I wanted Isabel to be calmer and able to concentrate better, I was eager for her to get started with vision therapy; I was eager to see these results.  Isabel was in therapy for 7 months and we had exercises to do at home. Throughout therapy, the changes were gradual, but as I sit here today and write this, I am realizing how different and happier my child is now!  Not only does she not see double, Isabel is no longer jittery, she loves reading on her own, she completes her homework much, much faster and is not frustrated doing it, she is complimented by her teachers on her perfect behavior, and she is excited that she can finally see 3D movies.  Vision therapy has made a big difference in my daughter’s life.  I am thrilled that it was recommended and that Isabel had it at DVG.  All the therapists are knowledgeable, patient and kind.  Isabel loved the fun exercises and benefited tremendously from her time there.  If you are thinking of having vision therapy for yourself or your child, don’t hesitate. My daughter is a perfect example of what a huge difference it makes; the time and money invested are well worth it and nothing compared to the life-long benefits gained.

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