Vision Therapy at the Draisin Vision Group gave my son, Daniel, an educational future and I want to thank Dr. Draisin and his staff for all they have done for my son.  Daniel’s reading problems began to surface in the first grade. Although he was a bright, motivated learner, reading was a slow and laborious process for him. Learning about vision therapy was literally an answer to our prayers.  After Daniel’s first five months of vision therapy, we saw an amazing turn-around. His reading skills jumped nearly entire grade level, he scored on a sixth-grade level in word recognition, and he began writing with fewer letter reversals. All this happened with no additional remediation.  Two years later, Daniel continues to thrive academically. He recently completed the fourth grade and is a member of his school’s gifted and talented program and he made the all-A’s honor roll. Reading is a pleasure for him now.  Even though making that trip each week from Beaufort was exhausting and frustrating at times, the cheerfulness of Dr. Draisin’s staff helped so much. It was time and money well spent, and I would gladly do it all over again. Sometimes I wonder how different our story might have been without VISION THERAPY from The Draisin Vision Group.  Thank you again.

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