I would like to thank you for what you have done. Before my eye therapy, I wouldn’t read at all. Including homework, book assignments, or just to read for the fun of it. I hated math, with all the numbers and symbols. On top of all that, I was in an honors geometry class. My parents were trying their best to help me with homework, but it wasn’t working. They were reading my homework assignments to me because I had trouble understanding what my homework said. They couldn’t help me in math because they didn’t understand the math themselves. Now after six months of eye therapy, I am not making as many errors in my writing. I am reading books for fun. I have read all five Harry Potter books in less than a month. I love to write, but before the eye therapy, I had trouble putting thoughts down on paper. Now I’m writing a story and am on the third chapter. I love being able to write my crazy ideas on paper without getting frustrated. I do my homework and my parents don’t even know that I did it. My math is easier and I don’t mix up stuff or leave stuff out. Even my friends realize that eye therapy has made a difference.  Thank you for helping me when no one else could. Thank you for helping me find my love of writing and being able to enjoy a book.

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