I strongly recommend anyone who is suffering with balance issues, especially sensitivity to movement, crowds, lights, etc. to contact the Draisin Vision Group to see how Vision Therapy can help improve the quality of your life.   The Day the World Tilted! My struggles first started Jan 2005 when the world “tilted”.  I turned my head at work to speak to someone and the whole world tilted to the left.  The “tilting” continued for a few weeks and then subsided.  BUT…I was left with a new problem.  I felt off-balance and disoriented.  Fluorescent lights, stores, crowds, movements by others all made me feel if I was falling, even if I was sitting down.  The symptoms continued to worsen to the point I had to give up work, driving and most social activities.  I reached the point where every day activities were a major struggle to complete.  Once an avid reader, I could not finish the daily newspaper, much less read a book.  Computer work was exhausting, even checking a few emails was a struggle.  I was unable to go to dinner or a movie with family or friends – it was just too exhausting.  Even watching TV could be disorienting.  My depth perception was bad.  I would walk into door jambs, miss door handles, I could not step off a curb without pausing.  It was difficult for me to navigate a room with people in it.  The harder things became, the less I could think.  The brain fog was awful, simple chores like making breakfast or lunch was very tasking.  Over the years I searched for someone who could explain what was going on and help me get better.  I went to many doctors and specialists, some out of state searching for answers.  I tried Vestibular Therapy four times with no success.  No one could explain my symptoms or stop them from progressing.  I was told by a specialist that my case was “very difficult” and I would “just have to live with it” there was nothing that could be done.  This was unacceptable to me.  In my forties, I was too young to not work, not drive, and not be able to socialize.  I continued to look for answers and one day I came across a blog on Visual Vertigo that described many of my symptoms.  That blog led me to Vision Therapy and Draisin Vision Group (DVG).  HOPE!  This is what I remember the most about my initial visit with DVG.  Dr. Draisin and Diann got it!  They understood my issues.  They felt confident that Vision Therapy would “improve the quality” of my life.  They gave me hope!  I’m not crazy, I don’t have to live with it, and my future will be more than sitting on the couch “resting”.  While, they gave me hope, I was still a little apprehensive.  I had others tell me they could help or fix me.  Vision Therapy was not cheap.  The office was 2.5 hours from home.  I would need to arrange for transportation, the ride alone would exhaust me.  Why had no one referred me to Vision Therapy if this was the answer?  Did I have vision problems?  Except for my depth perception I didn’t think so and besides two optometrists had said my eyes were fine.  I just needed correction for distance.  So what made me give Vision Therapy a try?  The testing and evaluation provoked the same symptoms I experienced over the years, some I had not experienced in months because was living what I called a sterile life.   Diann told me things that took me almost 7 years to figure out and a few things I had yet to figure out.  Her explanations of why the testing provoked my symptoms were logical and made sense.  My husband and I decided to commit to a few weeks of therapy and to see if we thought it was helping.  We would find the funds to pay for it and friends would provide transportation.  PROGRESS!  It only took a few visits to realize that Vision Therapy was helping.   The biggest “aha” moment was when an exercise triggered my symptoms; Diann was able to find another to calm my symptoms.  She would not let me leave until we found an exercise that made me feel better and calm my symptoms.  Each exercise we did was specifically selected and customized for my specific needs.  The World is BIG! I hope I never forget the day it first hit me.  I was on a lake and it was if someone had flipped a switch.  It is difficult describe.  Picture you live in a small balloon, barely inflated, just enough to hold a balloon shape.  Then it is suddenly fully inflated, a giant balloon.  The same objects are still in the balloon, but now everything has more space between them.  Instead of the objects being layered with minimal space between them, there is now room for separation, sometimes great distances.  If you had asked me if I saw 3D, I would have told you “yes”.  In the past, the world was flat, like a picture.  I could tell you what objects were closer or farther away, but they were layered and the world just ended, like there was a wall just ahead.  But now I see how big the world really is, the depth and dimension makes me what to reach out and touch everything even though you know they are miles away.  And the colors!  I notice so many more colors.  Walk and chew gum at the same time!  Pre-Vision Therapy if I tried to look up and walk at the same time, I would lose my balance.  I did not notice things above me.  And if someone pointed out a bird, the moon, etc.  I would have to stop, hold on for balance and then look up.  And if there was too much movement (cars or people), I couldn’t walk and talk at the same time!  We would joke about me not being able to walk and chew gum.  This evening while walking with a friend, I was looking up and admiring the sky.  Taking in how BIG the world is, in awe of how beautiful the sky was, how it goes on forever, how high the clouds and the moon are, how some clouds are closer while others are so much further away.  I noticed the sunlight reflecting off a plane soaring higher than the highest clouds, its jet stream trailing behind.   I commented on the plane.  My friend commented “Look at you – walking and looking up at the same time.”  DVG Delivered Results!  While, I still have work to do, DVG delivered on “improving the quality” of my life.  My depth perception is much better.  I no longer walk into door jams or pause before stepping off curbs.  I recently started driving, have been able to expand my social activities, can read and work on the computer for longer periods of time.  As I stated in the beginning – I strongly recommend anyone who is suffering with balance issues, especially sensitivity to movement, crowds, lights, etc. to contact the Draisin Vision Group to see how Vision Therapy can help improve the quality of your life.

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