Our firstborn daughter, Anna, has always loved books.  Every nap and bedtime routine began with a story.  Not to mention many sweet moments in between.  She has always been very independent as well.  Always proud and able to show what she can do by herself.  Anna had eagerly identified the letters in the alphabet and their sounds at a tender age.  So when she was finally school aged, it came as a surprise when she had no desire to read with us.  None.  Then with the first few first grade homework assignments I realized that there might be something very real to worry about.  She was skipping letters and words in her work.   Handwriting was a little more of a struggle than it should have been.  The output process did not fit the ability or personality of this child.  She had complained of her far vision. I noticed that her nose was very close to her paper during homework and coloring tasks.  In addition, she was a little bit clumsy, for lack of a better word (bumping into things unexpectedly).  A vision test at the pediatrician's office during a routine well-check confirmed that she needed a formal vision assessment.  As soon as I could, I scheduled a vision assessment with Draisin Vision Group. As an occupational therapist, I chose them because I trusted that their evaluations would not only assess visual acuity but how the eyes work together developmentally, as well.  Several vision therapy sessions and months later, I am glad that we went.  Anna is much more confident and is happy.  School is not quite the chore it once was.  She reads above her grade level now, and actually enjoys reading.  She even asks if she can read to us!  What a change from the days when she simply refused and seemed so frustrated.  Homework is no longer a struggle for her.  But even beyond reading, she has enjoyed soccer and developed better coordination.  More than once I have caught myself saying, "Please put down the book. You are welcome to read after you clean your room."  One could substitute "clean your room" with other childhood tasks.  It has happened more than once.  And, I am so very thankful for that.

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