THANK YOU to Dr. Smith and Diann and the ENTIRE DVG TEAM!!! My son officially completed his vision therapy yesterday. He had eye muscle surgery at 4 and after several years of perfect check-ups we realized he had not converged, etc….grades dropped, reading was difficult, etc. After 8 months of vision therapy, he is back on top of everything!!! VISION THERAPY ROCKS!!! He is so much happier! THANK YOU!!!! Your work and therapies with Anderson have been nothing short of miraculous!  In 2007r, and prior, he was deemed “Gifted” in Georgia and tested off the charts (ITBScore 99%, etc).  Around 2008-09 however, his scores dropped and he could not reach the percentage needed to be included in the Gifted and Talented programs here in Charleston (on OLSAT, a very visual test).  Obviously, his visual disturbances were diagnosed by the DVG team… and after almost a year of your treatment he is once again testing at his potential and doing amazing.  I LOVE your slogan, “Vision Therapy Changes Lives.”  Indeed, I believe it to be true. Every aspect of Anderson’s life has improved within the past year – as a parent I cannot come up with words to express my amazement and gratitude.

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