Tips on how to buy the sunglasses that will work best for you:

– Choosing the right shape for your face: Find sunglasses that are opposite the shape of your face to create balance. If you face is round, chose rectangular frames, if you have a high forehead and square jaw go for a more rounded frame, if you have a heart shape face you can pull off most styles. Classic aviators are pretty flattering shape for any face.

-ALWAYS be sure that your sunglasses have UVA and UVB protection. If they do not they can actually do more harm than good by making the pupils larger with the dark lenses and allowing UV to enter your eye and create damage to the back of the eye. If you are not sure if your sunglasses have UV protection, bring them into our optical and we can check the UV protection in them. Sunglasses also protect the very delicate tissue and skin around the eye, preventing wrinkles and skin cancer.

-Polarized lenses are excellent for extra glare protection and wonderful if you spend time on the water. There are also special lens treatments that make the lenses resistant to water and oil- great for the beach and exercising!

-Protect your sunglasses: Keep you sunglasses in a hard case to prevent scratches on the lenses. Scratches can also let UV sneak through the lenses and into the eye. Also, wearing them on your head can stretch the frame out. If this were to happen, just stop by the optical and we will be happy to adjust them back into shape for you at no cost!

Enjoy your summer…and remember to protect your eyes and vision!

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