Draisin Vision Group:

Before vision therapy my quality of life was not up to its potential. I constantly saw double and had no interest in reading. Due my seeing everything double, driving was extremely difficult for me. The lines on the road doubled, and I would get confused as to what lane I was driving in. My relatives worried about me and my safety, in addition to those around me. Not being a safe driver and always seeing double frustrated me, so I sought out help. After going to an optometrist and having three different prescriptions, nothing helped my double vision. My family has been going to the Draisin Vision Group for quite some time, and I knew they probably had an answer for me. After seeing Dr. Smith at the Draisin Vision Group, it was explained to me that my right eye turned out instead of pointing with the left eye. I was recommended vision therapy and decided to give it a try. After going through vision therapy my quality of life has changed. I no longer have double vision and can drive safely now. Moreover, I have gained confidence, feel happier and independent, and actually enjoy reading now. I cannot thank the Draisin Vision Group enough for all the care they have given me. If any person is having problems, no matter their age, I advise they come to Draisin Vision Group.

Ronald Rivers

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