Vision Therapy

November of 2008 our household was struggling. Our daughter has always been a go getter. She excelled early in life. She started walking at 7 months. As parents we thought it was great but have since learned we might have made an error in not making her crawl around longer. She was reading, spelling and doing addition and subtraction before 18 months. She was always at the top of her class whether it was in preschool, kindergarten or elementary school. She suddenly started having issues with her schoolwork and homework. As parents we were at a loss as to why fifteen minutes of homework was taking close to two hours. My wife was completely at wits end trying to help her nightly. We also were struggling with her lack of comprehension of simple word problems. She was in the advanced program at school so she also needed to do quite a lot of work via the smartboard in the classroom. She came home the middle of November and said she needed to go to the eye doctor because her teacher told her she needed help seeing the board. This is when we were first introduced to what was going on. We took her to our family eye doctor who happened to have a worker in the office that also worked with the Draisin Vision Group. She let me know that Cecelia was turning her eye in towards her nose. This was not allowing her to see 3D and causing difficulty tracking sentences in her books. This came as a shock to us. We were worried what was to come next. I knew of the use of eye patches and even surgery.

We met with Dr. Smith and she did an eye evaluation to find out more of what was going on. We found out at that time that our daughter was turning her eye in and off because she was not able to focus in stereo with the left eye. We met with Diann and she did a more extensive evaluation of Cecelia’s vision system. After we left from the first meeting, we felt much better about the potential for Cecelia to have normal vision without resorting to surgery. Once the program actually began it was not long before we started to see improvement. The day she first began to focus in stereo was a very happy day. She was so excited – as her statement proclaims, “The world was like a page in a book and now it is like a pop-up book.” We did exercises almost every night before or right after dinner. We would make games out of it to keep if from becoming mundane. One thing I noticed early on once she start to gain control of her eyes and she would shut her eye off, I could ask her to turn her eye back on and she was able to do so. Some days and weeks were great; easy for her and improvement kept progressing. One goal she wanted to achieve was to get to a level to be able to watch a 3D movie. We made that a special family event when we watched our first 3D movie in 3D. She successful in school again and has become even more of a voracious reader.

We appreciate everything that the Draisin Vision Group has done for Cecelia. She played basketball before she had stereo vision but was not really interested until she improved her vision, now she is back on a team having a great time.

The Knecht Family

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