Dear Dr. Smith, Diane, and Draisin Staff:

Your work and therapies with Anderson have been nothing short of miraculous! In 2007 and prior, he was deemed “Gifted” in Georgia and tested off the chars (ITBScore 99%, etc.). Around 2008-09 however, his scores dropped and he could not reach the percentage need to be included in the Gifted and Talented programs here in Charleston (on OLSAT, a very visual test). Obviously, his visual disturbances were diagnosed by you all…and after almost a year of your treatment he is once again testing at his potential and doing amazing. I LOVE your slogan “Vision therapy changes lives.” Indeed, I believe it to be true. Every aspect of Anderson’s life has improved within the past year – as a parent I cannot come up with words to express my amazement and gratitude.

Thank you,

Valary Dreyer & Dr. Russell Dreyer

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