We talk a lot about UV light and the eye around here. It does seem to be the “hot” topic these days. UV damage to the eye can cause premature cataracts and is a big risk factor for Macular Degeneration. The UV light goes directly through the pupil, penetrates the lens, and gets absorbed in the macula of the retina inside the eye. Light colored eyes are especially vulnerable- if you have blue eyes, take even more care to wear sunglasses whenever you step outside. Not only does it effect the inner eye, but creates wrinkles around the eyes which we all dread. Also 90% of all skin cancers are on the face, head and neck!! Can we say~ yikes!!! Protect yourself and family with a reputable brand of UVA/UVB sunglasses.

It gets even scarier for children. The lens in their eyes is pristine and completely clear. This allows more UV to penetrate the eye and be absorbed in the retina. Up to 80% of a person’s exposure to harmful UV happens before the age of 18! Therefore it is especially important that parents make sure that children wear sunglasses so that any long-term damage is minimized. According to a recent study by College of Optometrist, 76% of parents surveyed admitted to not making sure their child wears sunglasses when out and about in the sun and of those who do buy sunglasses for their children, almost half put cost ahead of protection. Protection for children’s eyes is imperative in the sunlight. Just as most of us won’t dream of letting children out into the world without SPF protection, neither should we expose their eyes directly to strong sunlight.

We feature all UVA/UVB protection sunglasses, also with polarized lenses. For the kiddos we have Baby Banz (newborns-infants), Kid Banz, Junior Banz, and swim goggles. All which have the UV protection your children need. Let’s not let the sunlight get the best of your eyes, protect yourself and your family this summer!

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