Dear Dr. Draisin and Vision Therapy Staff,

We came to Charleston for the winter months from New York. Shortly after arriving, David suffered a stroke. Because of the visual field loss he suffered, David was having a great deal of difficulty navigating in his environment and doing things for himself. He was shuffled from one neurologist to another to see if anything could be done. He was told that he might regain some of his prior abilities but he would just have to wait to see what happened over time. My sister-in-law suggested he see a Neuro-ophthalmologist who happened to know Dr. Draisin and referred David to him.

Our journey began with vision therapy on January 3, 2006 and between January 6 to February 8 we started noticing changes. David was now able to walk alone from the house to the reception center, to the hotel, to the deli, etc. He was able to read a map and to “navigate” the roads, read the signs and tell me where to turn. He began shopping on his own in the grocery store and drug store. In early January, he would wake up and sometimes say, “I’m not seeing so well today.” In the past few weeks he has consistently not had this problem. He has become much more independent cutting his own fingernails, helping with dishes and taking out the garbage. He can write his own checks, thank you notes and calendar entries as well as sort the mail and take care of his own business. David is now able to again read music iat church and was able to join the choir. He was able to drive the car around in the neighborhood and drive into and out of the narrow garage.

By the beginning of March, David was able to use a small pen knife to cut clear plastic tape and open packages. His ability to navigate and see landmarks increased dramatically. Reading is now much easier with less fatigue. He is able to do more driving. In February we went to an IMAX 3D movie and he was unable to adjust to the glasses and the images were very disorienting. On March 27th we went again and David was able to adjust and see the movie. He is now reading emails and using the laptop computer.

David’s progress has been nothing but amazing and we cannot say enough to show our gratitude for giving him his life back.


Carolyn Anderson

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