To the Draisin Vision Therapy Staff: I am compelled to thank you for your tremendous work with my daughter, Sarah. She has gained a new lease on life, because of your help and dedication through vision therapy.

When she arrived for treatment of her convergence insufficiency, she had constant headaches, trouble reading, poor distance vision, and frustration that was affecting our entire family. She was unhappy. Her ability to play her favorite sport, volleyball, was becoming increasingly diminished. She had even started to refuse to do assignments at school. She seemed angry all the time.

While all of these problems can’t entirely be attributed to her vision problem, I believe that vision therapy was the key to solving most of them entirely. Having witnessed her transformation, I believe her many issues would never have been solved using any other type of intervention, nor do I believe the problems would ever have improved on their own over time.

The list of amazing changes in Sarah’s life is substantial since she began her therapy with your group. Her headaches are gone. GONE, when they were constant before. She rides in the car and no longer feels carsick. She has always been carsick, since she was able to articulate what that meant at age 3. She can actually read in the car without trouble and she retains what she reads. She is choosing to read for pleasure again, when she had stopped that many years ago. While her grades have stayed A’s and B’s for years, she now has to put in fewer hours of work to attain them. She’s much less frustrated in general. Her improved vision on the volleyball court has made her timing better, so she’s more accurate in her play, and she can now compete with her peer group. (It also helps that she can now clearly see the whole net instead of just the top and bottom portions of it.) She is a happy child again and can enjoy so much more of her life now that she can see more clearly. Our family no longer has to put up with her constant irritability and complaining about her sore eyes, or long reading assignments, or headaches. She’s become fun to be around.

As a 14 year old, Sarah is finishing her vision therapy just in time to enjoy the summer before she starts high school. Her “new self” is a gift we didn’t know how to give her and now she has gained it through her work with you. We are grateful beyond words for the help and careful attention you’ve given Sarah. It has brought our child her health, and it has brought our family back to a place of peace.

I have highly recommended your program to friends who have mentioned that they know someone who has had problems that sound similar to Sarah’s convergence insufficiency. If at any time you would like to direct a potential client to speak with me about the incredible benefits of vision therapy, I would be most happy to discuss our experience with them.

All our best to your exceptional and dedicated staff,

Holly Hunton

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