Dr. Draisin and the Vision Therapy Group,

I would first like to thank all of you for your help in allowing me to start my second year in physical therapy school at MUSC. I first came to Draisin Vision in February 2008 because I was struggling in school. I studied constantly but my grades were not reflecting how much I studied. I was on probation for my grades and I had to raise them up within a semester or I was going to have to leave PT school. Within 4 months of going to vision therapy I went from being on probation for 2 semesters to being on the Dean’s List the past 2 semesters.

In the past I found myself having to read paragraphs more than once to comprehend what I needed to know. I would also get very sleepy when I was reading. Now, I am able to read more quickly and for longer periods and I do not have to go back and re-read the paragraphs to comprehend them. I am truly very thankful to this group for my success in physical therapy school thus far. Thank you.


Rachel DuMont

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