I want to give you an update on my daughter Lily, now 13 ½ years old. We all feel as if a miracle has occurred – thanks to Dr. Draisin’s correct diagnosis of “convergence insufficiency,” followed by Vision Training with the experts at Draisin Vision Group. I had taken Lily to many Ophthalmologists and learning specialists, desperate to understand why this very bright child still could not read well, or write legibly, at age 12. I always got the same answers: “her vision’s fine, 20/10”; and “she’s a dyslexic.”

The day Dr. Draisin tested Lily and found that she was seeing double out to three FEET, was the beginning of a new life for Lily – and for our entire family. Following Vision Therapy: Lily now reads 300 pages a day in her free time; she puts down “reading” as her favorite hobby; and she’s got a 95-average at Buist Academic Magnet School with NO help from me on her homework!! (Prior to this I’d been spending three to four hours each night, for many years, tutoring Lily.)

There are no words to thank you adequately for what you have done for Lily, our family, and her entire future. As an M.D. and a psychiatrist, I thought I was well aware of all the options available to help a child who struggled with learning. But my personal experience of trying everything I knew and finding no solutions until I came to the Draisin Vision Group, really changed my perspective. If you have a child who struggles with reading and learning, I would like to encourage you to bring your child in to see one of the doctors at the Draisin Vision Group.

Their expertise doesn’t stop with children; they helped my husband as well. Before he came here, he must have purchased 40 pairs of reading glasses, always saying “Something is wrong with my eyes!” Like Lily, I went with him multiple times to Ophthalmologists, who had nothing to offer. Once again, you saved the day! How I wish all children could be tested, and treated, for “convergence insufficiency”…

My undying gratitude,

Katherine Donovan-Sherpa, M.D.

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