Thank You, Dr. Draisin!
Vision Therapy changed my life!

Success stories

In second grade I was having trouble paying attention in school. Most people thought I was a daydreamer. In elementary school, I was put into remedial classes and grouped with children who were thought to have learning disabilities.

I was a hyperactive child and wired constantly. I had a lot of problems with learning to read and wasn't retaining anything I had read. It would take my mother and me all night long to do the easiest homework.

My trouble in school wasn't related to behavioral problems, as one would think; the problem was with my vision. My mother took me to the Draisin Vision Center because Dr. Draisin is Charleston's only Optometrist board certified in children's vision. Through therapy, we quickly noticed the dramatic improvements. I had therapy a couple of days a week for seven months at the Draisin Vision Center. The therapy involved different games designed to coordinate the hands, feet, and eyes.

Dr. Draisin was very nice and very good with children. The staff was very dedicated and stood by my side the whole time with a lot of one-on-one attention. The therapy was all designed as games to make a kid like me eager to learn.

When my therapy was completed, I was like a different person. While attending Middleton High School, I was enrolled in advanced level courses. I went to college at Coastal Carolina and Trident Tech and now, at age 28, I work in the blood bank at Roper Hospital, a job where I always have to pay attention.

Thank you

Kamey Snider

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