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When Josh was in kindergarten, his teacher would comment that Josh was an extremely bright boy, but for some reason he had trouble learning to read. He had difficulty learning the sounds each letter of the alphabet made. On the other hand, he could do math at an accelerated rate. He scored high on the Readiness test given to enter the first grade, as there was no reading.

Unfortunately, Josh continued to struggle in first grade with reading. He would miss small words like as, is, and to. The same problems continued in the second grade. Teachers would continue to say how bright Josh was and no one could understand why he could not read. He was doing well in all other ares of schoolwork, especially math. By the third grade, Josh was extremely frustrated. He became depressed because of his lack of progress with reading after constant drilling at school, home, and with tutoring.

After hearing about Dr. Draisin, we set up an evaluation appointment. During the evaluation it was apparent, even to us, that Josh had some sort of vision problem. Dr. Draisin explained that Josh's eyes were working against each other, each eye trying to be the dominant one. Dr. Draisin felt that Josh could be helped with Vision Therapy and recommended we place Josh in therapy two times a week for six months.

After several weeks of therapy, Josh told us that the letters were no longer moving on the page and that the words were not continually crossing over each other. His reading began to improve and Josh began to read road signs and magazines for the first time. By the end of fourth grade when Josh finished his therapy, his reading began to improve.

Josh just finished the seventh grade at Moultrie Middle School with an overall average of 97.4. He made the principal's honor roll through the entire year. He is in the Beta Club and enrolled in honor classes. Without Vision Therapy, Josh would not be where he is today. Therapy definitely helped Josh academically, but emotionally it gave him more confidence. Vision Therapy helped us when all else failed and we believe that Dr. Draisin's Vision Therapy is a valid treatment that could help children with similar problems.

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Sheila Sparks

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