My name is Jeremy Van Pinxteren. I am 23 years old, married, and currently attending Trident Technical College with the goal of being a veterinarian. I was diagnosed by Dr. Draisin with Convergence Insufficiency.

All through grade school I HATED to read anything but the comics. I did okay grade wise, but hated to study, struggled to sit still, and got in trouble all the time for being disruptive. They even tried putting me on Ritalin for a while which didn’t help the situation any. As I got older, I still didn’t like to read but knew I was going to have to do a lot of it if I wanted to be a veterinarian. My first semester in college was difficult. Studying a 20 page story for my English class was taking me 2-3 hours and multiple reads to be able to get anything out of it. My wife (who has a degree in English) said it was painful to watch because it would take me forever and many times I would just get frustrated and throw the book down. I could read each word out loud, but could never seem to retain the information I was reading. I barely got by with a C in that class.

Since I started Vision Therapy in March of 2006, my reading comprehension has gone up substantially. It now only takes me about half an hour to read the same 20 pages and I retain it on the first read. (Less reading time means more free time for me!) I no longer get frustrated when I study. I got A’s in my last 2 English classes.

Recently I started playing soccer again on a local co-ed league team. The position I play is keeper and most people who’ve played know that it takes a great deal of hand-eye coordination. Since I’ve started back, I’ve noticed an improvement in my soccer abilities.

One of my “hobbies” is playing video games. I know most parents won’t care about this one, but even my gaming abilities have improved. Another bonus: my wife says that I don’t run into the furniture as often as I used to which my shins and the coffee table appreciate!

Vision Therapy has helped me in so many ways that it would be impossible to list them all in a letter. Vision Therapy has made a huge difference in my life! I can’t thank you enough! I will forever be grateful to Dr. Draisin, Diann, Barb, Jessica and everyone who helped me at the Draisin Vision Group.

Jeremy Van Pinxteren

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