Dear Dr. Draisin:

Thank you so much for providing me with vision therapy. I first came for an appointment because I was having terrible headaches at school almost every day. The headaches were so bad that I dreaded going to school because I knew I would get one. The office vision therapy helped a lot, and the home exercises were beneficial and even a little fun. Within a month of starting therapy, I started having fewer headaches. Since I completed therapy, I hardly ever have a headache.

Before I started Vision Therapy I didn’t do much reading because it would give me headaches. But now, I read more than I ever have. I am so glad you have a Vision therapy office in Charleston. Otherwise, I would still have problems and they would just get worse as I get older. I’m, so glad my problem was solved before I start high school next year.

Thank you very much.


Andi Musselwhite

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