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There are two types of opticians, dispensing opticians and manufacturing opticians. Both have different job skills but dispensing opticians may sometimes perform some of the same work as manufacturing opticians. Manufacturing opticians are involved in the actual process of making eyeglasses, contacts, and lenses for other purposes. They produce the lenses from scratch to finish…

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When you refer to an “eye doctor” you might be thinking about an Optometrist but could be referring to an Ophthalmologist. An Ophthalmologist is a Medical Doctor (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.). Ophthalmologists are licensed to practice medicine, perform surgery, and perform all tasks Optometrists do including diagnosing and treating eye diseases, giving eye…

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Optometrists, or Doctors of Optometry (O.D.’s), are the main primary vision care professionals that most people will go to. Optometrists do everything from diagnosing vision problems and eye diseases, prescribing eyeglasses and contacts, prescribing drugs for the treatment of certain eye diseases, providing treatment before and after surgery, and helping patients maintain healthy eyes. Optometrists…

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Patient Financing

Many financing options are available. For your convenience our office accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, personal checks, cash and any-combination of these choices. We have also made arrangements for individual financing through Vision Fee Plan. For example, an unsecured loan of $4,000 at a fixed rate of 9.99% offers an affordable monthly payment…

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Office Hours

In case of emergency, please call our office at 843-556-2020.  Even if the office is closed, our answering service will contact the doctor on call and get you the help you need. Monday:   8:30am-5:30pm Tuesday:   10:30am-7:00pm Wednesday:   8:30am-5:30pm Thursday:   8:30am-5:30pm Friday:   8:30am-1:00pm Saturday:   By appointment Sunday:   Closed    

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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer use. Many individuals experience eye discomfort and vision problems when viewing a computer screen for extended periods. The level of discomfort appears to increase with the amount of computer use. The most common symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome…

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Vision Shaping Treatment

What is VST? Vision Shaping Treatment uses specially designed vision retainers to gently and gradually reshape the front surface of the eye (the cornea) to eliminate or reduce nearsightedness (myopia) or astigmatism. The principle is similar to the use of a dental retainer used by an orthodontist to realign crooked teeth. The vision retainers are…

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Experts from American Optometric Association and American Public Health Association (APHA) agree that visual development is most dramatic between 6 and 12 months of age and that early detection can prevent and help reduce the threat of serious vision impairments. In fact, one in every 10 children is at risk from undiagnosed eye and vision…

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Eye Injuries

Conjunctival Laceration

Many people think that eye emergencies require an immediate trip to the emergency room. The expense and hassle of such a trip to the hospital is rarely needed. We’ve managed thousands of eye injuries ranging from corneal abrasions, minor lid lacerations, blunt trauma, chemical burns, and many other. In some situations an eye injury may…

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